Our company knows well the world of garage doors. After all, Garage Door Repair Ajax has been in business of garage door repairs, replacements and installations for a long time. We are passionate about our work because it concerns your security and safety, and therefore, we are always driven to seek out for more information and get further training on new technological techniques that will elevate the quality of our work. We aim to provide you high standard services and excellent products by the best brands. We will install a Genie garage door and we will program a Liftmaster remote control. We will always give you the best!

The installation of a garage door is not a simple procedure. It requires precision, technical knowledge and delicate handling of all the parts. Our people have gone through numerous trainings in order to be able to carry out such a complicated task successfully. First of all, the entire system of the garage doors is based on absolute equilibrium as well as proper interconnection of the component parts. They must be placed in exactly the right position, in the proper distance from each other and at certain heights. A small wrong installation and the door will not function properly or at all. 

Garage Door Opener

What we would do without garage door openers? Without them we would have to open and close the garage doors manually. That means that they must always be in outstanding condition. Our company can make sure of that by providing you excellent services. Our technicians will detect the opener problems by conducting garage door opener troubleshooting and proceed with the necessary repairs or replacements. They are very well trained and, hence, they can spot even the slightest problem and fix it.

Garage Door Installation

Garage doors age and must be replaced in order to keep us safe and our homes properly protected. Garage door installation is not an easy job and must be done only by professionals, who have the right equipment, experience and expertise. Our company excels in the garage door installation service regardless of the type or brand of your door. Our technicians can install your garage door with precision and accuracy, so that it will work at its best for a long time.

Garage Door Service

It’s a common secret that well-maintained garage doors last longer. Yet, you can never avoid occasional repairs since garage door parts wear and tear over time or due to extreme weather conditions. Our company is a pioneer garage door repair service since it’s been in the field for many years. We have the proper tools and qualified technicians that can engage on all kinds of repairs, replacements and installations. From bent track repair to garage door torsion spring replacement, we are your best choice.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Our company gives priority to garage door spring replacement because it’s a hard and dangerous task that must be performed only by trained professionals. Garage door spring replacement is not a walk in the park; it requires patience, knowledge, experience and the proper tools. That’s exactly what we offer you regardless if you need to replace extension or torsion springs. We can repair them, inspect their condition, detect the problems easily and replace them.

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