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    Garage Door Cables

    When your garage door cables keep coming off drum, they are either frayed or there is a problem with the spring system. Refrain from using the door and call Garage Door Repair Ajax. We offer emergency cable repair in Ajax, Ontario and respond as fast as possible. Our experts are equipped to replace broken cables and fix any problem with the drum or spring system. We first find the reasons for the cable problem and proceed with the required repair service. You can expect the full support of our company and quality spares. Any problem with your Ajax garage door cables will lead to door operation problems. So give us a call to fix the cables right away.Garage Door Cables Ajax

    Snapped cable? We offer emergency cable replacement

    Garage door cables are extremely strong in order to pull the door’s weight and help springs control its movement. Although they last for a very long time, they won’t last forever. At some point, they will wear and need replacement. Let us check the condition of your cables to tell you if there is a need for garage door cable replacement. If so, we can do the service right away. There are new cables to fit residential doors in our trucks and so we can help you quickly should your cables break unexpectedly.

    After years of repairing and installing garage door cables, our technicians have the experience to do any cable work right. We don’t only replace and install cables, but also check both sides and level the door. From checking the drum to making sure the cable is properly wrapped around it and well-connected to the bottom fixture, our experts always take great care of your cables. Services related to your cables include:

    • Garage door cable off the drum repair
    • Broken cable replacement
    • Cable inspection and door leveling
    • Garage door cables off track repair

    Your garage door broken cable is replaced as soon as possible. But if the cable hasn’t snapped and is still in good condition, we fix it and try to understand why it has come off in order to take care of the issue. With our long experience and dedication, expect outstanding garage door cables Ajax services.

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