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    Garage Door Opener Installation

    It is important to replace the garage door opener when it’s not reliable anymore. And you should trust our trained technicians for the garage door opener installation Ajax service. Such vital electric systems work right when they are installed properly. The overall good and safe performance of the door is also subject to your choices. Selecting the right opener in terms of the motor is vital. The motor must have enough horsepower or the door will have a hard time moving. Part of our job at Garage Door Repair Ajax is to help you make such choices. Trust that we offer honest solutions, have expert skills in the installation of all home openers, and provide quick opener repair services in Ajax, Ontario.Garage Door Opener Installation Ajax

    The significance of opener installation but also repair services

    All opener services are essential. Incorrect garage door opener installation will only lead to problems. The wires must go to the proper terminals, the sensors must be mounted at the right height over the floor, the chain must be sufficiently tensed, and the settings which determine the speed and travel limit of the door must be adjusted. Our techs also program the new clicker and make sure the new opener is well fitted so that the unit won’t vibrate. Every little thing during garage door opener replacement and installation is important and the reason why our techs remain focused in spite of their experience.

    One of the most important moments during the overhead opener installation is the proper alignment of the sensors and their connection to the reverse mechanism. When someone goes under the closing door, the beam of the sensors is interrupted only when the sensors are well-installed and maintained. In a different case, they won’t activate the reverse mechanism. Since this is extremely significant for our clients’ safety, we also check the reverse system and fix the sensors fast. Call us if you need such garage door opener repair services.

    Our techs can repair, replace, and install garage door opener components with accuracy. We can install Genie and Marantec openers, replace your Craftsman remote, and provide Liftmaster service. With expertise in all brands and opener services, we can cover your Ajax garage door opener installation and repair needs too. Call us.

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