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    Overhead Garage Doors

    The problem with garage doors is you never know when there is going to be a problem with the operation. When an Overhead Garage Door in Ajax, ON breaks down, it can cause an incredible amount of stress quickly. The door may be hanging in the air causing a possible safety concern or it may not open at all, locking the vehicles in the garage and eliminating transportation needs. We provide overhead garage door repair that resolves the problem in a jiffy.

    Garage Door Opener Installation, Replacement and Repair Service

    Overhead Garage Doors ServicePerhaps the most important component in the operation of an automatic garage door is the opener. We provide garage door opener installation service by the book. Our experts ensure the unit is safely and securely installed to prevent any accidents or possible repair needs down the road. At Ajax Garage Door Repair, overhead garage door opener repair is one of our top specialties. We will troubleshoot all makes and models and detect the problem at an urgent pace.

    Normally, we can locate the problem and make the proper repair quickly. However, there are times when the unit is beyond repair. When this occurs we have no choice but to provide overhead garage door replacement service. Our competitive replacement costs and the outstanding brands we utilize make us the number one choice for these services in the Ajax community.

    Proper Maintenance is Essential

    We provide overhead garage door maintenance programs that are designed to keep your doors running at peak performance. Our experts will inspect every component and make the necessary adjustments and provide the proper lubrication where needed. This may be the most important overhead garage door service we provide. When provided correctly it helps to prevent all the other problems that might affect your system.

    The automatic overhead door makes the door operation a breeze when everything is functioning properly. When it is not, give our Garage Door Repair Ajax team a call and we will solve the problem.

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